Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Park Never Gets Old...

3 Year Check-Up

Joe Cool

Spider Man

Happy New Year 2012!

Big Boy Haircut

Christmas Smishmas...

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Rainy Day Get-Up

Fire Marshall Hogan

A Visit with the Big Guy

Hogan happily submitted a ridiculously long list to Santa. As a matter of fact, I actually heard the kid in line behind him let out a heavy sigh accompanied by an eye roll...

Parkin' It

A Pilgramage to the Motherland

Making rockets with Grandaddy Billy. Just for the record, this rocket shot off into the atmosphere and never returned back to earth. It was a quick thrill for all that hard work, but totally worth it.

Birthday Pajamas

Well folks, he's 3 years old.

Halloween Costume 2011

The only kid in New England dressed as a NASCAR racer. It must be a southern thing...