Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buddah and the Remote...

For all you P.C. moms out there, turn your head and close your eyes. This post may upset you...
Not only is the little guy actually sitting up, but he is in full charge of the remote control! Next thing I know he will be picking what we watch, but for now, he seems content with the Rachael Zoe Project and criticising Cameron Diaz's Oscar dress...


  1. The only thing I have to say is.... that is the largest remote I have ever seen?! What the Hell TV does that match up to? Ha!

  2. Large remote, little kid. He has such cute expressions. What a little man he is. He seems to like his new sitting up position. I can't wait to kiss him!

  3. WOW sitting up?? amazing! the second-to-last pic is my FAVE---so cheeky!