Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Calling Card


  1. Sweet undies, Hogie-mac... the ladies are gonna love it!

  2. i love that he's wearing shoes

  3. and food all over his face...
    is he going to hate me for this?
    do you think it is too provocative?
    oh well, i only ordered 50. they won't last long...
    i just wanted to show a kid. being a kid. they way kids are. nothing fancy or coaxed. even though i totally had to coax him to stand there...
    but you know what i mean, right?
    the basic kid.
    i love him... xo

  4. and mags,
    the shoes are puma...
    i also didn't mention in the post that the info on the back of the card refers to a photo package deal called the basic kid.... now is it all coming together?...

  5. sounds awesome! i think this photo is so cute--not over the line at all.