Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Brazilian Igloo

Today is the first day of April, and for some, the weather is warming and the flowers are blooming. However, here in the arctic northeast, Mother Nature is pulling her annual April fools joke, if you will, and winter still has us by the proverbial balls. Now for those of you who may not know, I am married to a thrifty Brazilian who is constantly turning the heat off. And because cold weather is a bit of a novelty to him, I think he is in denial about how chilly it is in this house. While Hogan and I are shuffling around dressed like Eskimos, he effortless glides through in Bermuda shorts and flip obvious weirdo. Apparently he must think I like to dress the baby in every piece of clothing he owns all at the same time because he may grow out of them before he actually gets to wear them. Just for the record, that is not the case. So Happy Spring to all you lucky bastards that live warm places, or houses where you get to turn on the heat...

Here Hogan is putting on a happy face even though he has so many layers on he can't put his arms down...


  1. Girl, I know you're ready for some warm weather. They should give all your guys in the tundra a big old stimulus tax break.. Such a cute photo of Hogan, can't wait to play with him and hear him laugh!

  2. Those gums totally make the shot...

  3. Pois é... é difícil acostumar-se a tantas diferenças... e aqui o sol está matando... kkkkkkk mas como disse pelo menos vai usar as roupas antes q elas naum caibam mais... ( pobre primo kkkkkkkkkkkk )