Friday, April 3, 2009

New Pal Hal

Found this guy stuffed between a clump of Easter basket grass and a bowl full of pastel, plastic eggs at the thrift today. Not quite sure what he has to do with Easter, but I thought he would make a great addition to Hogan's motley crew of characters.

Hogan and Hal- April 09


  1. Hal the Pal looks like a great little crib buddy. He and Hogan both have those large inquisitive stares. Do you think Hal is an egg gone wild! I do. I love my little "future game show host." Drew you better watch your back." His first words will be "come on down."

  2. In the first pic Hal looks so eager to please... so jovial. In the second pic the look of subtle alarm on Hogan's face (can alarm be subtle?) implies that Hal maybe just pinched him. I would keep an eye on this Hal character in case he is an Eddie Haskell type.

  3. Hal is AWESOME. and bigger than Hogan which is also AWESOME.