Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Man Of Many Hats

I was cleaning (a term I use loosely) out Hogan's closet and found some hats that at one time I thought his little peanut head would never grow into. Low and behold, his head not only grew in, but is on it's way of growing out of most of them. Some are winter hats that fit now that it is Spring (another term I use loosely...) and at the rate he is going, I am sure will not fit by the time Winter rears it's ugly hat head again. Some are Summer hats that are looking like the perfect fit, but by the time Summer is actually here will be a little snug. Looks like we are on the hunt for the perfect Springtime bonnet. I ordered a few American Apparel knot hats, which I have to say is indeed Hogan's signature hat, but they are only "one size", and here's hoping that it is the right "one size" for his size noggin...

This is his "tugboat cap'n that just reeled in the big one" look...

This is his "Knox Jolie-Pitt" caught in the flashbulbs of the paparazzi...

I'm not sure what this is... His dad bought this one, but whatever it is, he appears to like it...

This is his "Brazilian Eskimo " which sounds like an oxymoron, but actually works...

And finally his "Monkey Doo sitting in poo". A look that he might have to adorn even if it is 70 degrees and he has a sweatstache...


  1. You are killin' me. That gray and green one is like a hybrid of a lop eared bunny and a rooster. He knows how to work it. I have to say the "Knox Jolie Pitt" is my fave though. That pic is ridiculous.

  2. Sybil this kid is a riot!
    I knew if you had one it would be good but please......really.
    He is officially my favorite little dude.
    I have to agree with B on the Knox Jolie Pitt look.
    Your pictures are always great!

  3. I love the monkey hat--he has to rock it on a play date with ellery in her panda version. also LOVE the look on his face in the rooster/bunny hat--he's so gorgeous!

  4. My little man with many hats! Why do we love our guys in hats so much - now I know, because they look simply smashing! He seems to be enjoying his little hat show. Now get out those knitting needles!